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Giving vintage toys to Charity shops is usually a bad idea- they will often be thrown in the dumpster by little old religious ladies or sold to cheap.

If you have vintage toys it might be better to find out what they are, sell them and give the money to charity.

If you need help with that just contact me with pics.



Wanted specific items:
Timpo Cowboy and Indians, Wagons, Soldiers and other Timpo items
Fakor and sword, Zoar Screech, Meckaneck club, Prince Adam sword and vest, Hordak cape, Trapjaw belt, and Saurod gun.

Blackstar, Bravestarr, and most other vintage 70s & 80s action figure lines.

Masters of the Universe and fantasy knock off style figures.
Imperial chariots etc

Super Powers:
Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Brainiac, Steppenwolf, Mantis, Shazam!, Cyborg, Golden Pharoah (figure only), Cyclotron, Mister Miracle, Tyr (gun only)